Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lot of work.

I love putting on shows. Nothing is as exciting as being in front of a crowd of people doing what you know to do - Talkin' to the People - but, damn, it's a lot of work.

It is happening again on February 6, 2009, at the Warehouse in Tallahassee. I am calling it the "Pretty Big Band Show". We will have 10 or 12 folks with us for this one, not as big as the band I had for the March '08 show, but still a pretty big band.

Helping me in the rhythm section is Steve Redmond on drums.
On guitar we have TD Giddings, Jimi McKenzie, and Eric Pfeufer.
Bill Landing is on sax, and the highlight is the choir with:
Kathi Giddings, Deborah Lawson, Steffi Tassos, and Katie Crozier.
Bob Weiss will be doing a set of classic R&B and also singing lead on a couple of my songs. And, a couple of brilliant young musicians have been invited to join us for a few songs and have tentatively accepted; Alphonso Horne on trumpet, and Erma Kyriakos on violin. Adding to my own material are songs by TD, Kathi, and Jimi.

We start out at 8pm with a set from the Jones Brothers Band. Next, the Jim Crozier Band kicks out a set mostly from the "Down to the Village" CD with some new stuff in the mix - expecially: "Talkin' to the People". Rounding out the evening is the Bone Dry Band, featuring material from from our Suburban Woodville neighborhood.

Love to you all, hope you can make it, I know it will be worth the trip!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Jim Crozier Band at Bird’s

Friday, January 02, 2009

Check out this event: Jim Crozier Band at Bird’s

Hosted By: Jim Crozier
When: Friday Jan 02, 2009
at 9:00 PM
Where Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack
325 N Bronough St
Tallahassee, Florida|10 32301
United States
Jim Crozier

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