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Jim Crozier's Occasional Newsletter
April 2009

Upcoming shows:

The next big Jim Crozier Band show will take place at the American Legion Hall, Lake Ella, on Friday, June 26. I will be back with lots of my friends and at least a couple new songs. This show will feature; Alvin James and the Pretty Big Band with help from the Jones Brothers, the Summit Ladies Choir, and the Bone Dry Band. More about this later!

I will be playing with Tallahassee Swing at the annual Tallahassee Museum Jazz & Blues Festival at 4pm, Saturday, April 4; and for the Knott House Street Dance at 7pm, Saturday, April 25.

For any of you folks who might be attending the annual Silver Stars Banquet at the University Center on April 30, I will be joining Steve Sternberg and the band for that gala affair.

I will be making it out to Doc Russell's Wednesday Nite Open Mic at the Warehouse at least a couple more times in the next few weeks. That is a very well run event and it has been good for me to rough it on the stage alone, and good to hear what all of the younger folks have been up to – there's some good stuff out there.

Every Tuesday - Be sure to check out Tallahassee Swing every chance you get. The band plays at the American Legion Hall (Lake Ella Drive, Tallahassee) every Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 10 (and has been for coming up on 20 years now). I will be playing bass with them on March 31, April 14 and 28.

Recent Events:
On March 6, I joined Florida Banjo star Mary Z Cox and hubby Bob as they hosted the Cracker Coffee House event at the Stephen Foster Memorial State Park at White Springs. We played to a packed house for people from all over the country. Ken and Virginia Miller and Ron Patrick also came over from Tallahassee to join the show.

After years of saying “I am going to get to some of the concerts of the Biennial Festival of New Music at FSU College of Music”, I finally did during the last weekend of January. I attended three of the concerts including one by “eighth blackbird”, an established ensemble specializing in the performance of new music – I also attended an electro-acoustic concert where a single instrument interacts with electronic music which featured some fine performances. The final concert I attended featured the FSU Wind Orchestra, the University Symphony Orchestra, and the University Chamber Choir. Of all of it, I probably most liked the work of current FSU doctoral student, Neil Anderson-Himmelspach. Nearly thirty composers from around the world participated in the festival.

On February 12, I made it down to Sopchoppy to the Frog and Hummingbird Company and Butterfield's Roadhouse for one of the special blues jam sessions that Salli and Gabriel have been hosting. I totally enjoyed the scene – the audience was to die for! Thanks guys, I will be sure to make it down again.

Media Help
If any of you use any of the Internet Radio Services, particularly, it would really help if you would type in “Jim Crozier” from time to time. I have stuff there, and on, too.

And of course I am frequently adding and changing music and other stuff at: - there are a couple Tallahassee Swing Videos there, as well. - if you are on Facebook, drop by and “Become a Fan”!

And on my own music page at:

I used a new online service called to release Talkin' To the People as a single – so you may buy it now at iTunes, Amie Street, Rhapsody, and other popular digital music distribution points! - even got some money from that already, yea (not much, but it's a start). 

Jim Crozier

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