Thursday, March 18, 2010

New project

My wife must have had some time on her hands yesterday. She seldom surfs the web, but somehow she noticed (and emailed me about it) that my blog was out of date - true that.

So this year - 2010 - I am stepping back, studying the music business and songwriting, and working on my solo presentation. After being everyone's bass player for over 30 years, I am stepping to the front of the stage - not so much because I want to be there, but I do need to know how - and there ain't no other way to learn but to do it!

I look forward to producing more shows with my band, but I need to get the solo thing down and spend more quality time on the songwriting gig - it is going well.

SO, please come out to visit me at What?Cafe on April 17th from 8 to 11. I did a presentation there on March 13, and I plan to do one a month for the next few months - it is good school for me and I do hope you will join me. I promise to be bringing out some new stuff every time, both my own, and from other writers.


PS: What?Cafe is on Sharer Rd between Movies 8 and Chucky Cheeze in Tallahassee.

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