Monday, March 24, 2008

Sometimes you just get so busy.

I probably mentioned before that I was doing a big show last Saturday Night. Fact is, it is the biggest show I ever tried to produce. I woke up early Sunday AM mulling over all of the stuff that I gotta fix if I ever get crazy enough to try to produce a show with 32 performers and 8 staff again. BUT BY ANY reasonable standards, it was an unqualified SUCCESS!

And then what should have been a day to just veg out, and get around to unpacking the truck, figure out the books, etc., was when I had to get up and see what help my neighbor, TD Giddings, needed. As I mentioned, Charles Hook died last Monday and it was time for some 300 friends and family, including many former students, to arrive for a memorial celebration, hosted by TD and Kathi.

I had minimal tasks, but it was decided that we would use my PA, and I had to learn a song to play with John Stephens to close the ceremony. Kathi sang my "Hymn to Opportunity", and Jimi McKenzie began the proceedings with his "Good Friends".

After the official part, it was time for the fabulous buffet from the covered dish dinner. As I finished my plate, sitting with my wife and my mother, it finally hit me that I had been running on adrenaline for about two months. The plan was that I was to be playing some songs for the wake - I managed to join in a couple, and then sit by the fire for a few minutes - but getting home next door without falling a sleep was becoming a concern.

This morning, it was all I could do to get up to call the office at 8am to say I would not be in.

I got some rest, and most of the odds and ends put together today. Back to what they call real world it in the morning - but I'm going to bed early again this evening!

I am told by more than one witness that during "Hymn to Opportunity", a wind came up, and Charles stood behind us at the edge of the clearing. Just the sort of thing that he would do.

jc - Monday 3/24

Monday, March 17, 2008

Charles' passing

My friend and neighbor, Charles Hook, slipped away early this morning. He was a sculptor and teacher of sculpture, and has been visited by many who traveled great distances over the past several months of his illness. My concert shall be dedicated to his memory.

jc March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A great Birthday Week-end

It just happened to be my birthday. But, the other stuff going on was what really made the party.

Grant Peeples reserved the Wakulla County camp ground at Newport, Florida for a week-end long pickin’ party. Liz and Lon Williamson, Susan Brown, Jamie DeFrates, and Chip Harrington were all there from the St Augustine area. Jimi McKenzie, Dave Dickel, Floyd Matthews, Carrie Hamby, Frank Graham, Ross Beck, Minie Brattan, Mimi Hern, and Frank .... were just a few of the others there. I got there when I could.

I had another gig with Swing Shift on Saturday evening, and at noon Sunday, Tallahassee Swing opened the show at the annual Jazz and Blues Festival at the Tallahassee Museum. I stayed around for the afternoon to hear RoadHouse, the new band The Contenders, and ACME Rhythm & Blues.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jammin Round!

I was out sitting in with some folks Saturday and yesterday.

Saturday evening I attended a dinner and pickin' party for Bob Cox, husband to Mary Z Cox, on whose new banjo album I will be appearing when it is released in the next month or two.

Sunday, I took Drew Reid up on his invitation to sit in at Outz's Too (Newport, FL) with him and fiddler Bo Lawrence. Mimi Hern was there, too for that set. Some other folks dropped by, as well, a good time was had by all!

Later I dropped by Sandy Bottoms (Wakulla Station) to sit in with Jim McMurry. Now that is always fun. And I got the opportunity to give Carolyn (the owner) my CD to put in the Juke Box - unlike most, she owns the juke box so can put whatever she wants in there!

All of the time I was telling everyone about the big show!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gettin the word out

I have now pretty much switched from my Arranger role to that of the Publicist. I use to do a bunch of that stuff, having once published a small promotional publication called "The Tennessee Street Rag" in early 1980.

Just so we have it clear just what is being promoted: